Thursday, March 17, 2011

Logo Design

Every business has its identity. A logo can be as simple as a stylistic name but it can still offer brand recognition to a company using it. A unique logo design can provide instant recognition of what it stands for. Logo design is a primary factor in building your brand, since your company logo is the cornerstone of all your marketing and promotional materials. A unique logo can increase the credibility and popularity of your business giving you an advantage over your competitors. A good designer will present logo concepts that will draw on your companies strengths and ethos helping you to build a credible strong brand that instills loyalty in your target market.
What to consider in creating and designing a quality logo

1. What style of logo will suite your business.

a. Text logo: These are mostly made up of a strong, well thought out font and often include some subtle modifications to make them unique. Most logos used by large companies are made using this text style and is often preferred because of it’s ease in applying across different media.

b. Symbol logo: Symbols and icons are used in this logo design style . Deciding on the best symbol that will represent your business is very important. This style can often be abstract as well as being more direct.

c. Combination logo: Combination of text and symbol/icon logo. It is important to keep this style simple. Too much design and poor choice of font can take away the impact of this style of logo.

d. Single logo: Refers to promotional items and products and are often found on websites.

2. Choose the right colour combination that blends well with your design

Choosing the right colour is not that easy. Colour in design is a science and professional designers use tools like colour charts and colour wheels to match colours together. Colours also portray meanings and can affect moods. It is important to understand what affect your colour choice will have on your target audience. Colours can be broken in to two categories;
Bright colors: Excitement, Power, Creativity, Confidence, Cheerful, Optimistic
Dull Colors: Peaceful, Harmony, Honesty, Calm, Beauty, Inspiration
White: Innocence or sterility
Black: Elegance or Evil

3. Last but not least, keep it simple.
Avoid using complex designs that may detract attention away from the message and leave a negative impression on the viewer. Use colours wisely and the fewer the better. Simple and Unique logo design should become a reflection of your business. It should instill confidence and credibility whilst being memorable.

Web Designing

Web design comes in loads of flavours. We have some standard packages that we offer covering the most common applications. If you are looking for a web design we will need to quote you a fixed price based on your specific circumstances. Your design might well fall into our standard packages so you can use these prices as a guide line.
When you are ready to get started, please use the contact us page to request a quote. We will send you a design brief form and based on your response will be able to provide you with an accurate quote.

All our designs take account of web standards and where possible are compliant with the WC3 standards. We also take account of usability and accessibility best practices. Our web designs are high impact and useable accross the widest range of web browsers. We also take account of speed so that your visitors without broadband connections get a quality surfing experience.